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Building Cybersecurity Solutions

IT and cybersecurity solutions for buildings, commercial property, and shopping centres.

Secure your investment

We offer a range of enterprise-grade IT security solutions to secure your building, property, or centre. We can help design, deploy, and manage solutions from cybersecurity risk assessments, to threat detection and prevention, and backup and disaster recovery.

Reduce your risk

Hackers will always target the weakest link, make sure your building is not that weak link.  We work with industry-leading security vendors which means we can help secure your building by delivering relevant, reliable, and flexible security solutions

  • Reduce Risk
  • Increase Resilience
  • Ensure Compliance

IT and Cybersecurity Solutions for Buildings | A1 Technologies

Building security solutions

IT and Cybersecurity Solutions for Buildings | A1 Technologies

IT Security & Cybersecurity Assessments

We can perform a range of security and best practice reviews that offer insightful and actionable advice to ensure your building or property is compliant and secure. Know your risks so you can make more informed decisions.
IT and Cybersecurity Solutions for Buildings | A1 Technologies

Threat Detection & Prevention

A serious security breach can cripple a building of any size, so it's worth giving your front line defences the proper time and attention. We work with leading vendors such as Sophos and Fortinet to deliver enterprise-grade security solutions to your building or property.
IT and Cybersecurity Solutions for Buildings | A1 Technologies

Network Security

IT and cybersecurity need to be addressed at every layer of your buildings technology stack, from the edge appliances through to the building management systems. We can assess your entire IT environment, provide actionable insights and recommendations, and help deploy and manage end-to-end solutions.
IT and Cybersecurity Solutions for Buildings | A1 Technologies

Managed Security

We can manage and optimise a range of security appliances, on-premise and hosted. From next-gen firewalls through to managed backup and DR solutions. We can help reduce overheads and improve your building's security.
IT and Cybersecurity Solutions for Buildings | A1 Technologies

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our team has been working with backup and DR solutions for over 15 years; we know how to secure data and minimise risks. We work with leading vendors like Veeam and StorageCraft to ensure your data is secure, redundant, and accessible.

Why A1 Technologies

  • We Deliver. Consistently

    We're committed to providing solutions and services that genuinely support our customers and enable their businesses to thrive. We hold ourselves accountable and ensure we deliver what we say we’re going to deliver.
  • Experience Your Business Can Rely On

    Our team have been working in different sectors of technology for almost 20 years. We have broad industry knowledge coupled with deep expertise in IT services, cloud, and communication solutions.
  • Reliable & Responsive

    Genuinely supporting our customers means being consistently reliable and responsive. On average, our response times are less than 15 minutes and our resolution times are less than 2 hours.

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