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Enterprise-grade WiFi Solutions

Scalable enterprise-grade WiFi Solutions for retail, commercial, buildings, or campus environment.

Insanely Good WiFi Solutions

We can help your business design, deploy, and manage insanely good WiFi solutions that are reliable, secure, and scalable. Need your business, building, or campus to be truly 'connected'? We can help.

WiFi Solutions

Business WiFi Solutions | A1 Technologies

Campus & Smart Building Solutions

When it comes to public/private hybrid solutions you need a solution that is secure without sacrificing usability. We can help design and manage a custom WiFi solution that meets the requirements.
Business WiFi Solutions | A1 Technologies

Private WiFi

Private, secure, and functional WiFi is a critical piece of infrastructure for any business today. Whether it’s a small office, multi-story building, or a hospitality site, we can help design and maintain the right solution.
Business WiFi Solutions | A1 Technologies

Public WiFi

Public WiFi in Australia is not as ubiquitous as other countries, but it is increasing in popularity. If you're in retail, hospitality, or healthcare, public wifi is starting to become a valuable customer-oriented way to differentiate your business. We can help design and maintain a secure, robust solution for your business.
Business WiFi Solutions | A1 Technologies

Mesh Solutions

Mesh WiFi has exploded in the past few years and has become the standard for seamlessly connecting multiple AP's and sites. It provides a far greater user experience to traditional WiFi with relay points and boosters. Find out how your business or site can benefit from a private or public mesh solution.

Why A1 Technologies

  • We Deliver. Consistently

    We're committed to providing solutions and services that genuinely support our customers and enable their businesses to thrive. We hold ourselves accountable and ensure we deliver what we say we’re going to deliver.
  • Experience Your Business Can Rely On

    Our team have been working in different sectors of technology for almost 20 years. We have broad industry knowledge coupled with deep expertise in IT services, cloud, and communication solutions.
  • Reliable & Responsive

    Genuinely supporting our customers means being consistently reliable and responsive. On average, our response times are less than 15 minutes and our resolution times are less than 2 hours.

Industries We Work With

Learn how we’ve worked with our customers to deliver industry-focused solutions.


Whether it is a small office or multi-floor office we can help your business implement a secure solution that meets the needs of your staff and has flexibility for guests, partners, and customers.

Campus & Education

If you’re operating a campus or multi-building site then security and operability between buildings and area’s is critical.  We can help deploy and manage a solution that delivers security, consistency, and reliability.


We can help your retail store(s) deploy WiFi and BlueTooth (BLE) solutions that provide a better customer experience while offering deeper insights into your customer interactions.


Whether you run a hotel or a cafe, customers these days expect good quality, high-speed wifi and internet solutions.  We can help your business deploy and manage a WiFi solution that improves customers experience but doesn’t break the bank.

Trusted products we work with

case study

Thomas Hopper & Partners

Thomas Hopper & Partners first came to A1 looking for an IT partner that could offer reliable and responsive helpdesk services to support their growing accounting firm.

They also needed a Managed Services Provider that could design a hybrid solution to support their legacy systems that weren’t ready for cloud migration.

Business WiFi Solutions | A1 Technologies
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